The island of Mauritius is part of the republic of Mauritius. With a rich culture, a growing economy and a booming tourist industry, it has proved to be one of Africa’s most democratic and prosperous nations. In fact, it has one of the highest GDPs per capita in Africa. There is plenty to enjoy and numerous destinations to visit in this rich island.

A Mauritius all inclusive offer is one of the best ways to discover the wonderful island. It is indeed a very relaxing setting set in the ambience of the stunning Indian Ocean’s view. The center of the island is also quite breathtaking with terrain consisting of mountains and breathtaking of not amazing views.

The people of Mauritius are quite welcoming. You immediately feel at home as the culture embraces close ties and social relations. The country’s official language is English and the public also speak French, Hindi and Haka just to mention a few languages. Upon arrival, you get the aura of coastal relaxation and enjoy the sound of native Sega music. Mauritius is also perfect for a halal holiday.

Living costs are not over the roof and can be way cheaper than most countries. In fact, modest housing and basic facilities are quite affordable. If you are looking to settle in the island, regulations are not quite strict and getting high quality real estate should not be a problem.

When it comes to cuisine, there is so much to mention. The truth is that it is quite common for a traditional meal to comprise of a combination of different cuisines. Ties with the French, Chinese and even Indian inspire the blend of different cuisines that form the islands main dish. Roam the island and look for some of the best restaurants to really excite your taste buds.

For the sporty individual, there are several activities to keep you busy. From land sports to deep sea fishing, leisure can be truly worth the while in Mauritius. Whether you are into kayaking, biking, hiking, watersports or even golf, there is plenty to choose from. Alternatively, you can enjoy shopping at some of the island’s malls.

The island has fabulous weather as well. This makes it an all year round destination with summer months running from October to April. Rains are mainly from January to March but the period can have cyclones. A favorable period for outdoor activities would be between July and September when it is a bit drier and temperatures are high. It is also worth noting that coastal regions are generally hotter than the inland so you can plan your stay according to preference.

The county’s main currency is the Mauritian rupee, which is quite stable owing to the county’s economic growth. Markets are well developed and industries are springing up to take advantage of investment opportunities. One such growing sector is the textile industry which has various products sold locally at the local markets.

Being a peaceful and democratic country, it has earned its place as one of the safest countries in the world. It is also highly ranked by the World Bank as being a lucrative investment hub. The real estate market is well developed and the ease of doing business makes things even much easier.

One other highlight of this magnificent island is that most of the land is arable. This is why the country is well known for the export of sugarcane. Tea and other types of vegetables are mainly grown for domestic use. The island’s vegetation also includes hundreds of indigenous species.

Mauritius has some mineral resources such as basalt and lime. Electricity is mainly generated from petroleum with a small portion from hydropower. The country manufactures textile, metal products, chemicals and food processing. These are some of the reasons it has been able to attract foreign investment.

The sporting culture in Mauritius is very active as well. Most of the citizens are soccer fans and the country has severally competed for the African cup of Nations. Deer hunting season is taken very seriously by a rather small community. Winter horse racing is also very popular among members from all communities.

The island has good transportation infrastructure. Driving on the city roads is proof that they are well developed and in good state. Shipping activity is mainly conducted through developed port facilities and airports are strategically located in different parts of the country. The list of things to do on a Mauritius all inclusive offer is almost endless. The country has always shown great potential and the favorable political environment creates a platform for stable economic development. So grab your Mr Blanc whitening strips and start planning for a great vacation.